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I love going live on Instagram and other apps but I use Snapchat more than any other app on my phone going live would be a huge step up and could change things.

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Idek In all my years of using the app, I have never been this disappointed. Although Snapchat is my main social app on my phone, it has been really bugging me.

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For example, it has been taking up to 5 minutes to send a chat everytime I try to send something. Before I am told my phone is slow, let me reassure you Prietenia Dating site numai is not only a problem for me but for my peers as well.

Prietenia Dating site numai

When it is taking 4 weeks for a singular snap to come through, there is an obvious problem with the app. Just the other day I received a snap, and when I asked about it I learned it had said I left them on opened whereas for me it said I had been left on delivered. The amount of time I have wasted trying to solve this problem along with the taking 5 minutes to send one thing problem, I could have been doing other things, so I have been veering off the app.

Prietenia Dating site numai

Unfortunately, I do not think this app will be worth it, especially if it keeps traveling downhill at this rate. My peers and I have tried deleting the app, updating, but nothing seems to work.

Prietenia Dating site numai

William Quintana Snapchat update ruined my story organization! Ok so a thing that I really like to do is save my stories to my memories like everyone else and I save every.

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So I just combine all of them and they would organize themselves by post date and I can get rid of the duplicates and have it be a nice, organized story just like how I posted them.

I wanna be able to add stuff to my snap memories so whenever I look back at them, I can Prietenia Dating site numai the whole day of when I posted those again.

Prietenia Dating site numai

Please fix this Snapchat. It was completely fine before! At least make it to where you can individually move a snap to wherever in the memory you want it.

Am decis amândoi să descărcăm Tinder și să vedem ce se întâmplă. Fără aplicație, poate că nu ne-am fi întâlnit niciodată și nu am mai fi pornit în călătoria asta minunată și surprinzătoare. Mulțumim că ne-ați adus împreună, pe noi și pe alte cupluri din întreaga lume. Vă voi fi mereu recunoscător. După ce am fost la câteva întâlniri și am avut parte de câteva nopți de distracție, am întâlnit-o pe Miranda.

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Prietenia Dating site numai