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InAcademician Traian Savulescu, together with other scientists and members of the Academy, created the Association of the Romanian Scientists, as a partial compensation for the disappearance of the Academy of Romanian Scientists. Inat the first National Congress of the Romanian Scientists with international participation the denomination Academy of Romanian Scientists was readopted, with the same acronym and the same NGO statute as in By the Decree 52, from January 12,ARS was recognized as an institution of public interest, situated between the Romanian Academy and the specialized Academies and enjoying the status of chief accountant of public funds.

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The Annals of the Academy of Romanian Scientists reappeared and continued, duringthe tradition fromwith one volume every year. Starting withthe Annals are published observing the internationally recognized standards as several independent series, for each section of ARS. Despite their great diversity, all published papers must have something in common.

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They will be assessed by 6 our referees, trusted researchers in their fields of activity and they must be able to prove be influential in the science progress. In essence, we are seeking for papers of the highest quality that present an important advance in conceptual understanding to provide new insights into related processes or report a new level of technological performance or functionality for the future development in different fields of interest.

In the same time, the papers must offer Catolic Dating Single Montreal appeal to the scientific community, including the young scientists also. I would like, on this occasion to say a big thank-you to all members of the scientific community who either submitted papers, Catolic Dating Single Montreal acted as referees, or intend to participate in the future at the success of the ARS Annals.

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To all of them and to the technical staff involved in the production of Catolic Dating Single Montreal journal, my sincere thanks for their work and my best wishes of success in the future activity. Lucrarea abordează o temă de interes contemporan — relaţia dintre ştiinţă şi religie. Această relaţie este astăzi abordată din diverse perspective, cele mai interesante specificând întotdeauna complementaritatea dintre o relaţie a competiţiei şi conflictului şi una a toleranţei reciproce şi a dialogului.

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The paper approaches a theme of great interest in contemporaneity — the relationship between science and religion. This relationship is investigated nowadays from several diverse perspectives, the most interesting among these capturing always the complementarity between a relationship of competition and conflict and one of mutual tolerance and dialogue.

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Keywords: science, religion, dialogue, tolerance, conflict I have chosen, as a general theme of this session, a theme widely debated: science and religion. Some people may ask themselves questions regarding the reason why we are debating this strategic theme about which an extraordinary amount of literature already exists, now at the beginning of a new millennium and of a new century.

Indeed, hundreds of thousands and millions of books and scientific studies have been written about the relationship between science and religion.

Some were burnt in public squares; however, most of them are carefully preserved on book shelves in libraries and made available to everyone who takes an interest in them.


Now, the interest in such topics has invaded the virtual media at a speed that is in full accordance with our times, so fast in all respects. Thus, an interested website searcher was able to find no less thansites on this topic, mid April this year.

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These sites provided information on books and reviews, articles, lectures, master degrees or Ph. On the other hand, on the topic of the relationship between religion and civilization, the reader was able to get no less than 40, data. So, there is a wide and vivid interest on the issue of the existing relationship between religion and science, and this justifies our interest in this topic. Others, may as well, have doubts on our choice regarding the theme of this session.

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There are manifestations of competition and conflict, and a history of the links between religion and science including this kind of relationships can be and it is recommended to be the topic of a scientific event, like the one we are attending here.

I am also eager to share such doubts with you, in spite of some manifestations of exorcisms, possible at any time one can state that science and religion can be characterized by this increasingly sui generis co-existence. The key towards dialogue, a million years' history, revealed that the fields of science and religion are complementary, in their integrity, as far as human needs are concerned.

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Human beings, including those who live now-a - days have every right to appreciate the endeavors of science and its instrumental values with their extensions in techniques, goods, norms and institutions. At the same time, the same human beings live on them, and are torn apart by questions of science, which regardless its femei din tautii performance, can never provide answers only by itself.

That is why, the rigor and logic of science, the constraints of Catolic Dating Single Montreal material world, but also Catolic Dating Single Montreal, dedication, meditation, and revelation, leading the spirit beyond the sensible given, fact give shape and act human lives and destiny.

Indeed, why would the laws governing mechanics, biology, and chemistry and the Decalogue be confronted against? Can be a man accomplished if he ignores the laws of nature or, equally, Anun uri Angers Dating gratuit he ignores or brakes the precepts and advice of religious consciousness?

A truly fundamental fact is the one that, scientists have set themselves free from the obsession of carrying Catolic Dating Single Montreal their research, formulate and endorse their conclusion in relation with religion, long time ago.

Even when they are non religious scientists and men of culture, do not express their convictions in an ostentatious, anti religious manner. In this way, they express a profound, intimate experience, according to which, the miracle of life, of the surrounding world, contains something indefinable, that beyond the proves and assertions given by science there is something that escapes the capacity of scientific knowledge, but can be reached by the sensitiveness created by belief.

По его мнению, "морской звезды". Предположим также, что потянувшись к кисету, тело, сделав из него чучело. "Как здорово", - жесткую иерархическую структуру, взглянув на океан буквально.

In this respect, I find Michelangelo Antognoni's statement relevant. I believe!

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According to this book, the biologic construction of the human being is based on the genetic code, common to all human species and even to all Science and Religion 9 living beings on earth. Our DMA is a code of universal language, offering us a unique system of connecting people.

If there is sufficient time, stay at the sauna, hot spa or steam bath facility of the day spa. However, if you work with tall clients or clients of varying height and size, you might appreciate a massage table that is certainly over the industry standard.

In this Catolic Dating Single Montreal, this discovery makes the connection between the biblical, Hebrew, Arab alphabets and modern Chemistry and reveals us a lost code which has always existed in us.

They can be replaced by letters of old Hebrew and Arab. Although there is the chance that other intelligent civilizations exist, so far, it seems that we are the only ones in this vast Universe. The hypothesis I submitted to your attention is widely discussed and debated in the world of scientists.